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Why Now is a Great Time to Have Your Heating System Inspected, Maintained and Repaired

Your heating unit needs to be properly maintained to work efficiently. Learn why late summer and early fall is the perfect time to have your unit serviced.

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“Why Is My House So Cold?”

Do you notice anything unusual as you move from one room to another?  You know, like significant variations in temperature?  It’s a common enough problem, and yet one that often goes ignored as people simply get used to it.

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How to Reduce Your Home Heating Costs

The longer and colder a winter, the more it costs you to heat your home.  That’s assuming, of course, you don’t resort to the ways of pioneers and wrap yourselves in buffalo hides, deer-skin leggings, and other prairie-living attire indoors so you can keep your thermostat down to about 55 degrees or so – just warm enough to prevent your pipes from freezing.

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How to Prevent Home Heating Problems

You expect a lot from your heating system, which is to say you expect a lot from the people who built, installed, maintain, and repair it. After all, your heating system is only as good as the people whose hands have touched it. Yours included.

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6 Space Heater Safety Tips

Space heaters are a practical and affordable solution to augmenting your home heat supply during the cold weather months provided all the necessary safety precautions are observed.

Knowing that many of our customers rely on space heaters for the added comfort we provide, Furnace Doctors is pleased to present this timely tips for your family’s added safety:

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Common Home Heating Problems

Even if you’re an ardent love of winter, you probably wonder at least a little if your furnace has what it takes to keep you warm and toasty without missing a beat.

Here are the raw facts. For starters, the older your system, the less likely it is to perform repair free. Same goes for heating systems that aren’t professionally maintained at least once a year. Which means that if your furnace is at least 10 years old and you can’t remember the last time it was cleaned and inspected, you might just have cause for worry.

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