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How Zoning Control Can Improve Your Home's Environment

In Minnesota’s cold winter climate, you need to know you can count on your heating system to keep your home toasty and warm all winter long. At Furnace Doctors in Little Canada, we’ve got you covered.

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When Should You Change Your Humidifier Water Panel?

To optimize your comfort levels during the summertime, you should hire a Furnace Doctors technician to inspect and replace your humidifier water panel as needed.

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Is a Whole-Home Humidifier Right for You?

Keeping your home comfortable is important to you, but is a whole-home humidifier right for you? Our service professionals can perform indoor air quality testing and air quality control services in your house to find out whether you need a whole-home humidifier today.

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4 Benefits of UV Lighting for Your Home

There are several benefits to adding ultraviolet (UV) technology to your home's heating and cooling system. Furnace Doctors offers air quality control services for residential properties in Little Canada, Minnesota. We've seen the advantage of UV devices. Below are some of the benefits we think you'll appreciate. Call our office if you have further questions about UV technology.

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4 Keys to a Great Wood Fire

If you haven’t quite achieved master level status for starting and sustaining a great indoor wood fire, we have a few helpful tips just for you.

Location, location

There’s a big difference between starting a fire in a wood stove vs. one in a fireplace. You see, while it’s easier to start a fire in a fireplace, it’s easier to keep one going in a wood stove. The latter is true because the stone or metal the stove is made of keeps a fire cooler than a fireplace can, and cooler translates to longer lasting.

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How to Prepare for a Winter Storm

Here in the Twin Cities area, only snow birds laugh in the face of winter.  They can afford to.  For the rest of us, it’s all about preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

Which begs the question:  just how prepared are you for pounding and potentially crippling storms?  Not sure?  Then here’s a handy little checklist of items you’ll want to keep handy to help your beef up your state of readiness:

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