While maintaining a healthy HVAC system prevents breakdowns, heat surges, and big bills, a few health risks can impact those who haven’t had their system’s checked. Rest assured: A single check-up can fortify your system, safeguard your home and prevent any damages. You should, however, consider contacting a professional sooner rather than later. If you don’t, you might face the following risks.



That’s right: electrocution. Old HVAC units can experience degraded wiring. Electricity puts both contractors and homeowners at risk. Electrocutions and burns are both in store for those in contact with HVAC components, and injuries can occur instantaneously. HVAC contractors are specialized in locating, fixing and maintaining degraded wiring, keeping your home safe.



An aged HVAC system may give off excess moisture. It can also spring a leak. Moist environments contribute to mold growth, which can be dangerous to exposed individuals. Even worse: HVAC-related mold growth is often inaccessible. Because of this, it’s often unnoticed. Over time, an area’s mold growth can become airborne and create a toxic environment.



Asbestos is a popular insulating material. It’s also located in building materials surrounding HVAC units. Over time, an HVAC unit’s area can degrade due to moisture exposure. If an asbestos-containing surface is exposed, asbestos can be exposed to surrounding air. Prolonged exposure to asbestos is dangerous, and it can even be deadly.



Over time, an HVAC system’s ductwork can become compromised. In such cases, a system’s airflow won’t be secured. A household’s air quality is directly related to its ductwork, and failing ductwork can directly harm an individual’s health. Typically, HVAC contractors focus on ductwork as a primary cause for rising allergies and even illnesses.


Get Your HVAC System Checked Before It’s Too Late

While an unchecked HVAC system can be disastrous for homeowners, HVAC upkeep is relatively easy to secure. Talk to your provider, and discuss the options available to you. Often, HVAC systems aren’t examined properly by homeowners. If mold growth becomes a problem, an entire family’s health can be at risk. Similarly, dust, dirt and asbestos particles can become deadly to exposed individuals.


Contact Furnace Doctors today, and discuss HVAC checkup options. A skilled provider can navigate your system effectively, determining the source of any blocked airways, duct breaks or electrical damaged. Don’t take matters into your own hands. Trust in a professional, and make sure your system is safe before a total breakdown occurs.