The filter or filters in your HVAC system play an important role in keeping the HVAC unit clean and your home clean. As air is sucked into your unit to be heated or cooled, it passes through the filter. The filter catches and traps dirt, dust, and dander, only allowing the air to pass through. However, over time, all of this debris clogs the filter, and no more air can pass through, or the air that passes through is dirty because the filter can no longer hold any more debris. Because of this, it is important to look for signs that the HVAC filters need to be replaced so you can have a professional replace them promptly. Here are three of the signs that your HVAC filters need to be replaced.


Dust is Building Up In Your House

One of the signs of a dirty HVAC filter is more dust in your home. If your filter is not able to trap dirt and dust, it may migrate to your home as the air is distributed throughout this. If you feel like you have been dusting more lately, and it is not making a difference, you may need to have your HVAC filter or filters replaced.


Your HVAC Unit is Running for Longer than Normal

Another sign that will let you know that your HVAC filters need to be replaced is that your HVAC unit is running longer than normal to heat or cool your home. When your filter is dirty, less air can pass through the filter. This means that it takes longer to produce enough heated or cooled air to get it to the temperature setting you desire. This can increase your energy or gas usage and cause the unit to have a shorter lifespan, so if you notice this sign, you want to get the filter replaced quickly.


You Can See Dirt or Dust on the Filter or the Grates Near the Filter

Lastly, you may be able to see the dirt or dust on the filters or on the grate or screen that the filter or filters are hidden behind. You may always be able to notice a small amount of dirt or dust on these items. However, if there is a layer of dirt or dust caked on, rather than just a tiny bit here and there, the filter needs to be replaced.


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