If you seem to be suffering from allergies or getting sick more often than normal, your doctor may suggest that you run an indoor air quality screening. This type of screening can be used to check for contaminants that are blowing around in your home. This may include items such as high levels of dust, dander, pollens, pollutants, or can be used to check if there are harmful mold spores, fungus or bacteria floating around in the air. When you are looking to have air quality testing done, you should let a professional with experience do it. They know how to collect samples of air in your home, test them and identify where the problem is. If you have never had indoor air quality testing done, you may wonder what it consists of. Here are the various steps that are done when indoor air quality testing is done.


Collecting Air Samples

The first thing a professional will do is collect air samples. They will likely walk around to different points in your home and collect air samples from various places. They may turn on your heating and cooling unit and collect samples as that is blowing as well. The samples will each be labeled with what part of the home the air was collected in so any problems found in the air can be traced back to the correct area.


Looking at the Air Samples

After collecting the air samples, a technician will look at the samples under a microscope to determine what particles are in the air. They can then determine what is found in the air in your home and if what is found exceeds normal levels.


Fixing the Identified Problems

If your air samples show problems in the air in your home, the air quality testing company can help identify what is causing these issues and repair them. In some cases, the repair may be as simple as having the ductwork in your home cleaned or cleaning filters to reduce the amount of dust present in the home. In other cases, air quality testing may identify mold hidden behind the walls or in unused spaces in the house, which may lead to mold remediation being needed. All in all, the company will work with you to identify the problems and fix them. Once fixed, the air in your home will be tested until the air quality is safe.


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