The furnace in your home is like all other components. It requires ongoing maintenance and care to ensure that it performs well year after year. Furnace Doctors specializes in ongoing preventative maintenance for furnace and HVAC systems for home and business owners in Little Canada, Minnesota.  We’ve seen firsthand the benefits of caring for your furnace system. We provide a quick guide below that highlights all the reasons why you should hire a professional technician to inspect and maintain your furnace system.



The average furnace system should last up to 20 years. Preventative maintenance ensures that it will reach its expected lifespan without the need for expensive repairs or full replacement. By contrast, if you ignore your furnace, it may only last about 10-15 years.



Furnaces are made up of several moving components. If any of these parts fail, it can create a hazardous situation in your home or business. Poorly working furnaces can lead to fires, unhealthy environmental condition, or other significant problems that may go undetected until it’s too late.


Air Quality

About 50% of the allergens, pollutants, and contaminants in your building may be caused by re-circulated air generated by a weak furnace system. By changing filters, sealing air ducts, and replacing old parts, you can create a cleaner air flow that makes the interior a healthier place to inhabit.


Save Money

Broken down furnaces are inefficient and expensive. Preventative maintenance, however, can save you up to 50% annually in heating and cooling costs. You’ll also see a reduction in major repairs when compared to smaller maintenance issues or upgrades.


Furnace Shutdowns

Something to remember is that you’ll only be using your furnace roughly six months out of the year. During the dormant period, dust and dirt can collect on all the components and clog up the system before you turn it back on. By the time you use it, all that dirt can block key areas and cause the system to overheat and shut down. Before you turn it back on, we recommend calling a Furnace Doctors technician to clear out the furnace and give your equipment a fresh start.


Balanced Comfort

A healthy furnace and air conditioning system will evenly distribute cool or warm air throughout your home or commercial building and keep everyone feeling comfortable throughout the day and night. We can assess your entire system to see if there is any blockage in the air ducts, vents, or main unit. Maintenance will guarantee that air is flowing freely in every room.


Contact Furnace Doctors for Preventative Maintenance

If you want to ensure that your furnace system is working properly all year long, then contact the team at Furnace Doctors. Our certified and highly trained contractors can properly evaluate your unit and make the necessary upgrades as well as clean all the equipment. Call us today at 651-789-3082 and schedule an appointment. We provide complete installation, repair, and ongoing care for residential and commercial properties in Little Canada and the surrounding Minnesota area.