Furnaces have a way of informing you when something is not quite right. The most frequent sign that a furnace has the problem is that it’s making noise. There are numerous reasons why your furnace might be too loud. Instead of ignoring the sound (which is difficult to do at times), you’re likely to identify and fix the problem by calling Furnace Doctors. We can provide a complete inspection of your furnace to determine what is making the noise. In most cases, we can fix the problem with little effort in a relatively short period.



The whistle is one of the most common furnaces noises. The reasons for the whistling is there could gaps or tiny openings somewhere in the unit, the unit cover, or the air ducts. The openings are near the connection points. The speed of the air passing through the system causes the whistling. A clogged filter can also cause the whistling if there is just enough air to pass through tiny holes through the dust and dirt.


Vibration or Rattling

Does it sound like your furnace is about to come through the wall? A rattling furnace is alarming. It could signify that there is a loose part somewhere in the unit. It could also mean that the furnace is off-center. Our technicians can re-align the fan and also identify any other components that may be loose. We may even need to reposition the furnace on its platform so that it’s not rattling against the surface.


Noisy Motor

If there is a problem with the furnace motor, you should call a Furnace Doctors specialist right away. The motor may be bouncing around, or the bearings are worn down. In either a case, a bad motor can be costly if you ignore it. If we can repair it early on, we can save you the hassle of a major repair down the road.


Banging When You Turn the Furnace On

Do you hear a loud bang when you turn on the furnace? There are two possible reasons for this. The ductwork could be flexing when the furnace causes sudden pressure from the airflow. Another likely reason for the bang is that the furnace is that the furnace creates a larger flame than is usual. We call this an ignition roll-out, and it can be dangerous.


Furnace Doctors Can Hush Your Noisy Furnace

If you are fed up with the noise your furnace is creating, then contact Furnace Doctors. We provide a wide range of services including furnace repair, AC repair, and air quality control services. You can call us at 651-789-3082.