If your current furnace is beyond repair, and you’re looking to get a furnace replacement, we can help you make the right choices. By setting the proper plan in motion, we can optimize your furnace replacement so that the equipment will last yours for several years. The right furnace should operate efficiently and save you money each month on your energy bills. Below are some tips for getting the right furnace.


1. Look Back at Your Last Furnace’s Performance

One of the questions you should be asking yourself is how well your last furnaced performed over the last few year. Granted, it’s age may be a factor. Even an older furnace, however, can give you an indication of how well your new heater may do. Look at records and call us to perform a general inspection of the unit. You can tell a lot from your old furnace.


2. Compare Brands and Shop Around

Purchasing a brand new furnace is a significant investment that will improve the value of your home. Therefore you owe it to yourself to yourself to do some research and compare brands and popular models. If you need expert advice, we can inspect your home and your current setup to see what type of furnace best suits your needs.


3. Schedule Regular Maintenance and Tune Ups

Our technicians can perform regular maintenance and tune-ups to keep your new furnace running smoothly year after year. Routine care can keep your furnace repair expenses low and help your entire system operate efficiently throughout the winter and summer seasons. We provide comprehensive maintenance on every component so that every part is in excellent condition.


4. Have Your Furnace Professionally Evaluated

Sometimes problems creep up in furnaces that you may never know about until they turn into costly repairs. Furnace Doctors can perform an annual inspection of your entire system to see what issues need to be dealt with. In most cases, we’ll find small items that we can take care of on the spot. If there are any serious problems with your furnace, we’ll let you know.


5. Replace the Entire System

If you’re going to get a new surface, we recommend that you also look at replacing all components including the ductwork. Outdated parts from older equipment can cause your new furnace to operate inefficiently and run up your energy bill. Older parts may not be compatible with a newer model. You’re the best bet is to replace the entire system so that everything works together.


Furnace Doctors Can Take Care of Your Furnace

Whether you have a brand new furnace or an older model, Furnace Doctors can take care of your entire system. We provide a wide range of services such as furnace repair, AC repair, indoor air quality testing, and air quality control services. To schedule maintenance, repair, or an inspection, call us at 651-789-3082, or you message us on our contact page. We serve homeowners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.