ENERGY STAR provides straightforward and unbiased reports on equipment and services in the HVAC industry to help homeowners make informed decisions on purchasing the right products for their homes. Thousands of organizations rely on their partnership with ENERGY STAR to manufacturer heating and cooling systems, as well as find the most effective ways to maintain and repair them.


The goal of ENERGY STAR is to help American families and business owners save money on energy repair costs. The government-based company also has a role in reducing emissions and carbon footprints. Dust Doctors promotes ENERGY STAR and regularly engages in ES approved practices for HVAC cleaning, furnace repair, and indoor air quality solutions.


ENERGY STAR Helps Homeowners

ENERGY STAR provides tools and resources for homeowners to help them determine the most cost-effective approach to managing energy when using their heating and cooling equipment. By providing solutions, residents in Minnesota can put money back in their pockets by purchasing low-cost, low-energy units that are durable and long-lasting without sacrificing performance quality. Whereas the market convinces customers to buy their products based on solid advertising and promotion, ENERGY STAR can provide hard facts to convince homeowners to invest in the right furnace units. The agency does not benefit financially from consumer choices.


How to Earn the ENERGY STAR

Homeowners can earn the ENERGY STAR when they have demonstrated that they have improved energy efficiency in their homes by 15%-30%. Furnace Doctors can sit down with you and explain what steps to take to improve your home’s efficiency. We can do this by offering professional furnace repair or AC repair to get your unit in tip-top shape. We may also need to undertake a furnace replacement or do some retrofitting to get your heating and cooling system up to ES standards.


Look for ENERGY STAR Products

You can buy ENERGY STAR qualified heat pumps, boiler, furnaces, and air conditioning systems for your home. According to most estimates, ES-qualified room air conditioners are 10% to 30% more energy efficient than U.S. Federal Government Standards. If you’re wondering if the product you want to purchase qualified, all you have to do is look for the ES seal on the product or you can go to their website and look up the product information. We encourage you to invest in ENERGY STAR HVAC systems. You’ll appreciate how much money they save you and how much they protect the environment from energy waste.


Save Money and Energy with Dust Doctors

In addition to purchasing low-cost HVAC systems, we can also help you save money by providing ongoing furnace repair, AC repair, heating repair, and air quality control services. Furnace Doctors provides these services for homeowners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. For more information or to schedule an inspection or repair, call us at 651-789-3082, or you message us on our contact page.