Cold weather seems to last forever in Minnesota. An extended cold season means that your furnace has to work harder this time of year to keep your family warm and comfortable. Therefore,  heating system maintenance is an essential component of maintaining your equipment running smoothly until it finally warms up outside. Furnace Doctors offers a point-by-point comprehensive inspection of your furnace to make sure it’s running at optimum performance. Below is a summary of what we can do for your furnace.


Maintenance and Furnace Repair

If it’s been a few years since anyone has inspected or worked on your furnace, we’ll need to perform the following equipment maintenance:


Clean the System. Dust and dirt can clog up your equipment and circulate dirty air throughout the house. We will clean every part of the furnace including the ductwork.


Fluids. We’ll need to check all fluid levels and lubricate specific parts so that they don’t wear out.


Heat Pump. If your heat pump goes out, there is no heat in the house. We’ll inspect the pump to see if it’s working correctly or if we need to replace it.


Filters. We’ll change out the filters with fresh, clean filters. We’ll also make recommendations as to what is the best type of filter for your home.


Carbon Monoxide Levels. Furnaces naturally give off a small amount of carbon monoxide. We’ll check to see if carbon monoxide levels are unhealthy in your home.


Thermostat. The thermostat should be calibrated to the right temperature. We’ll also look at all the wiring to make sure it’s connected to the system. While we’re there, we can even program your thermostat for you.


Registers and Vents. Are any vents blocked on the wall or the floor? We’ll clean the vents and make sure air is coming through with no obstructions.


Fan. The fan should kick on when the thermostat tells it to. The fan should also be balanced and working at an optimum level.


Leaks & Drains. Is any condensation forming on the coil or compressor? If so, it should be draining. We’ll also check to see if there are any leaks anywhere in the system.


Schedule Maintenance with Furnace Doctors Today

To keep your furnace working well through the winter, schedule a preventative maintenance service with Furnace Doctors. We offer furnace repair, heating repair, and indoor air quality testing for homeowners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. To schedule an inspection or get a free estimate for a furnace repair, contact us at 651-789-3082, or you message us on our contact page.