If you live in the Twin Cities metro area, you know that pollution is always a factor. Car emissions, factories, and airborne chemicals can dirty the air in your home and make it difficult to breathe clearly. If you already have a health condition, pollution can make it worse. You don’t have to settle for dirty air, however, because there are viable solutions for purifying your home. Furnace Doctors offers air quality control services for homeowners in Little Canada and the Twin Cities area. Here are some ways we can help you reduce the air pollution.


1. Duct Cleaning

The dust, dander, mold, pollen, bugs, etc. we find in ductwork can cause health problems in your home. Duct cleaning combined with a high filtration system you can keep your ductwork clean for years to come.


2. Humidity Control

When it gets cold in Minnesota, the humidity in the air disappears. The air feels crisp and everything is dry. We can solve the humidity problem and add a whole-home humidifier. Maintaining humidity in your home to normal levels is an affordable solution that can improve the home environment.


3. Air Filtration

Furnaces contain filters to keep the motor from getting dirty and exhibiting poor performance. We can modify your existing HVAC system to use a whole home air purifier. The purifier will capture 10x more dirt in the air than a 1” filter. This extra filtration helps filter out mold, dander, dust, pollen, and even some viruses.


4. Air Purification

We utilize Breathe Clean UV lights to kill bacteria, dust mites, viruses, and mold. The unit installs onto your existing ductwork near your furnace and uses little energy. The only maintenance we’ll need to perform is an annual bulb replacement. UV lights are another affordable solution for cleaning the air in your home.


Professional Air Cleaning Solutions From Furnace Doctors

At Furnace Doctors, our goal is to provide homeowners with practical and affordable air purification solution that they can use every day. From our humidity control and air filtration products to our duct cleaning service and air purification, you can count on us to reduce the dirt and dust levels so that you and your family can breathe easier. Our products and services extend to homeowners in Little Canada, Minneapolis, and St. Paul, Minnesota. To schedule a cleaning or installation, call us at 651-789-3082, or you message us on our contact page.