If you’re having a difficult time getting the temperature in your home just the way you like, the problem may not be the furnace or AC, but, instead, the thermostat. The best way to determine why the temperature is off is to contact a Furnace Doctor technician to inspect your entire system. If the problem is the thermostat, we will identify exactly what is wrong, and then either fix the problem or replace the thermostat. Either way, we can help you get the temperature you want in your home.


4 Signs of a Weak Thermostat


1. No Power. If there’s no change in your home’s temperature when you adjust the heat, or the display is unresponsive, your thermostat may be without power.


2. The AC Doesn’t Respond. If you turn the thermostat to a specific temperature but the furnace or AC doesn’t respond, it could be that the thermostat is not sending a signal.


3. The AC Won’t Turn Off. Although some systems will delay when you turn the thermostat off, no system should continue running for more than a few minutes. If it doesn’t turn off, there could be a short in the wiring.


4. The Temperature if Off. The actual temperature in the room may not match the temperature setting on the thermostat. We’ll need to come in and recalibrate the unit so that it’s accurate.


Hire a Professional to Inspect the Thermostat

Although there are some minor troubleshooting techniques you can try at home to isolate the problem, you’re better off hiring a certified furnace technician. Furnace Doctors offer comprehensive furnace and AC inspection. If there is a problem with your thermostat, we’ll be able to identify it and fix it right away. If you have an older thermostat that continuously gives you problems, we can replace the old thermostat with a brand new one.


The good news is that most thermostat problems are easy to fix and can be handled in a relatively short period. Once we figure out what is wrong with your thermostat, we will give you the best solution available and then restore the unit. When we complete the job, your thermostat should be fully restored and dependable once again.


Thermostat and Furnace Repair in Little Canada, Minnesota

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