No one likes to have problems with their furnace, however we see a wide range of common problems with furnaces during Minnesota’s extreme winters and summers. Our experienced professionals can solve your furnace problems and get it back to working in no time.


In our years of experience, we hear some of the same problems occurring over and over again. Here are our top 5 furnace problems we encounter:


1.      My Furnace Makes a Scraping Noise. The likely culprit is your blower wheel. When you hear a metal-on-metal noise, turn your unit off and call us immediately.

There are many things that can go wrong with your blower. The blower may just be loose and will be able to be tightened by a qualified technician. The wheel itself might be  broken and need to be replaced. We may find the motor mount has damage and may also require replacement.

2.      What Was That Loud Bang? A loud bang or pop when your furnace starts may indicate a couple things: dust or duct expansion.

Dust can build up on your burners or igniters, causing your gas to build up before it lights. As it lights, you may hear a loud bang. If this is too intense or happens too often, your heat exchanger may crack. This crack is a safety issue and may cause a carbon monoxide leak.

Duct expansion can come from having metal ducts, and in the case of unwanted noise, the duct expansion may just be an annoyance. Loud bangs after the system starts up could indicate vents with obstructions, undersized ducting, or clogs in your air filtration system.

3.      I Hear a High-Pitched Whine. Generally, a whine in the system happens by having faulty bearings or bad belts. Your system may need oil for the shaft bearings or may need maintenance on the belts. Our qualified technicians can troubleshoot and maintain your furnace.

4.      Cold Air is Blowing Out of the Vents. If your system is blowing cold air, first check to see that your fan is set to “auto” and not set to “on.” Setting the system to “on” makes air continuously flow, and if the furnace is not on, that air is cold. Check your air filters for clogs. Clogged filters can cause your system to overheat and shut off as a protective feature. It’s best to change your air filters monthly.

5.      My Thermostat Is Not Working. Thermostats can become faulty over time, so before you call your technician, check the thermostat battery. Change your thermostat batteries yearly at a minimum. If you find the battery is still good, you then will need one of our professionals to test your system calibration and possibly replace that thermostat.


Are You Having a Furnace Problem?

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