Keeping your home comfortable is important to you, but is a whole-home humidifier right for you? Our service professionals can perform indoor air quality testing and air quality control services in your house to find out whether you need a whole-home humidifier today.


Winter Air Quality in Your Home

During the cold winters in Minnesota, we worry a lot about keeping our homes warm. One problem with warm air is that it’s far drier than what is optimal for our health. Our bodies function best in a humidity range of 35-50 percent. Often we forget to factor humidity into air quality measurements in our homes.


By controlling the humidity in your home, you can have comfort and as well as save on energy costs. A whole home humidifier can be controlled through your thermostat and be set to any desired level. Our service experts can do an assessment of your home and recommend the best options for humidity control.


Keep Your Family Healthy

The last thing you want in winter is respiratory issues for you and your family. Exceedingly dry air can cause your nasal passages to dry out, as well as irritates the skin, eyes, mouth, and nasal cavities. Because bacteria and viruses cannot thrive in moist air, controlling the humidity in your home to optimal levels helps you protect the health of your family.


How many times have you woken up coughing as the heater came on? Dry air irritates you during your sleep and may increase snoring. By adding moisture through your whole home humidifier, you can, in some cases, alleviate snoring altogether. Get better sleep through humidity control in your home with a whole-home humidifier.


Do you stock up on moisturizing products during the winter? We all know cold air is rough on our skin, and by adding dry air from heat without humidity, you increase the chance for dry flaky skin and lips. Your skin is not healthy when it’s dry and cracked, therefore you need to keep your skin healthy by managing the humidity in your home.


Lower Energy Cost

The optimal air moisture level allows you to lower the thermostat in the winter and raise the thermostat in the summer. Too little moisture causes the air to not retain heat, which can be uncomfortable. Too much moisture causes high heat retention in the summer and makes you want to lower your thermostat. By controlling moisture in your home, you can have a higher energy efficiency and comfort level.

Whole Home Versus Room Humidifiers

Once you realize controlling humidity is beneficial for you and your family, how do you decide on a whole-home humidifier versus room by room?


Room Humidifiers:

●        Have space ranges of 500-650 square feet

●        Best for single rooms or open floor plans

●        Walls and doors hinder operation and airflow

●        Take up floor or table space for operation

●        Hold between 2-3.5 gallons and need to be refilled often

●        May leak or spatter water around humidifier


Whole Home Humidifiers

●        Work in conjunction with your HVAC unit

●        Cover up to 4500 square feet per humidifier

●        Can be controlled through your HVAC thermostat

●        Zero footprint on your floor space

●        Can be automatically refilled and hold up to 18 gallons

●        Low maintenance with no leaks


Ready for a Whole Home Humidifier?

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