If you feel frigid air blowing from your home or business furnace, then contact Furnace Doctors. We can service your furnace system to keep it running properly during the cold season. We can provide a complete inspection of your furnace equipment to determine why it is blowing cold air and then resolve the issue. Below are some of the common causes of cold air coming from your furnace.

1. Thermostat Issues

A good place to start when assessing a furnace issue is to inspect the thermostat. We start by making sure the fan switch is set to auto and not on. If that isn’t the issue, we check the components to make sure they aren’t damaged. We may also discover that the problem is as simple as changing out the batteries.


2. Pilot Light

If your pilot light is out, we can relight it or replace the unit. If the pilot refuses to light, your furnace could be experiencing worse problems such as a bad thermocouple or a dirty valve. We can inspect the pilot light to pinpoint the problem and fix it. If the valve is dirty, we can remove the dirt and restore the pilot. A worn out thermocouple is easy to replace. A replacement thermocouple can help the pilot light more consistently and improve the performance of the furnace.


3. Clogged Oil and Air Filters

Air and oil filters can become clogged with dirt and debris. The blockage will keep the air from flowing smoothly through the system. Without a steady flow of air, ice will accumulate on the compressor, and the air will cool down. When the We’ll need to clean or change the oil and air filters on a regular basis to ensure a steady circulation of warm air through the house.

4. Compromised Flame Sensor

If your furnace starts to blow warm air but immediately switches to cold air, there could be a problem with your flame sensor. The flame sensor could be worn out. Also, the sensor could be dirty and cleaning it might make it work again. Our technician can replace your flame sensor.

5. Oil or Gas Burners

It does not matter if you have an oil or a gas burner if you neglect the burner, it will not work correctly. Dirt and grime can keep the burner from igniting. Let a technician from Furnace Doctors keep your burners clean and grime free to ensure your furnace is working to the best of its ability.

Your Furnace May Need Maintenance
One or more of these things could be happening with your furnace. That is why having it serviced on a regular basis is so important, especially before the winter months start. We at Furnace Doctors aim to keep your furnace heating you and your family properly.

Furnace Repair in Little Canada, Minnesota
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