Are your heating and air conditioning system turning on and off frequently throughout the day? You could be experiencing “short-cycling” within your system. In Little Canada, Minnesota, Furnace Doctors are here to help rectify this problem for you. Let’s look at the what short-cycling is, what causes it, and how to prevent it.


What is Short-Cycling?

Short-cycling happens when your system is turning on and off frequently and immediately throughout the day. Short-cycling can lead to your system burning out failing before it is time. There are several causes of short-cycling some simple and some extensive. There are also steps we can take to prevent your HVAC from short-cycling.


Dirty Air Filters Cause Short Cycling

Everyone should be checking and changing air filters at least once a month. Changing an air filter is such a simple task, and you may be wondering what a little air filter can do to my system. Dirty air can obstruct the flow of air which will lead to your system working harder than it should. Make sure to check your air filters and change them monthly to help prevent short-cycling.


An Oversized HVAC System

If your heating and cooling system are too big for your house, it will cause the system to short-cycle. The system short-cycles because it is cooling or heating part of your home too quickly. Rapidly heating and cooling cause it to shut off and turn on more frequently. To prevent this from happening to make sure that you have a unit that is suitable for your home.


Thermostat Issues

The location of your thermostat can cause your heating and cooling system to short-cycle. The short-cycle happens when your thermostat may be in a place that the heat from the sun heats it on a regular basis which will cause the system to turn off and on often. Also, if your thermostat is not working correctly, this can lead to short-cycling. You could also need to replace the thermostat batteries.


A Faulty HVAC Compressor

Maybe your compressor is going bad. Have one of the technicians from Furnace Doctors check compressor to ensure that it is not dying on you. A failing compressor can cause the system to short-cycle. However, if a system short-cycles for too long, it can cause the compressor to fail. So, either way, make sure to have your compressor checked and serviced on a regular basis.


Heating and AC Repair in Little Canada, Minnesota

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