To optimize your comfort levels during the summertime, you should hire a Furnace Doctors technician to inspect and replace your humidifier water panel as needed.


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Below we cover the humidifier essentials and why you should replace yours.


What is a Humidifier Water Panel?


The water panel provides moisture to the system to keep your humidity levels balanced. Without the panel, the unit will produce dry air, and your home will lack the necessary moisture.


You will experience the same dry environment as you do in the winter time. If we discover that the humidifier is not working, we can repair or replace it. It’s a simple fix that costs you very little but makes a huge difference.


When Should You Change Your Water Panel?


Ideally, a technician should inspect and change your water panel annually. If you have an older AC system, we may need to change more than once a year.


If your furnace has a humidifier, we may need to change it during the winter. Since dry air is always an issue during the cold season, a new humidifier will provide enough humidifier to keep your family comfortable until the temperature warms up outside.


What Happens When You Don’t Change Your Humidifier Water Panel?


Other than producing dry air in your home, other issues arise when you neglect to change the humidifier water panel.


What are the problems?


●        MIneral deposit will build up and limit the airflow through the panel

●        The drain lines clog up and inhibit water flow. Water spill out onto the floor.

●        Static electricity and static cling can hinder thermostat temperature control.

●        Mold and bacteria develop throughout the house.

●        Your HVAC will lose efficiency. The system could fail altogether.


Should You Change the Humidifier Water Panel Yourself?


While a DIY replacement is possible, we recommend that you call a Furnace Doctor technician to do it for you. Here’s why:


We have certified technicians who know your system. We perform maintenance on a wide range of products from reputable manufacturers. In some cases, we are certified by the manufacturer to perform service on the brand of AC that you use.


If you perform a DIY replacement, you may void the warranty on your AC. Many warranties specify that repairs and replacements need to be completed by a technician according to manufacturer specifications and local and state codes.


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