Space heaters are a practical and affordable solution to augmenting your home heat supply during the cold weather months provided all the necessary safety precautions are observed.

Knowing that many of our customers rely on space heaters for the added comfort we provide, Furnace Doctors is pleased to present this timely tips for your family’s added safety:

  • Opt for a space heater with a protective guard around the heating element to help prevent accidental harm to small children and pets.
  • Don’t even consider purchasing a space heater unless it bears the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) or similar symbol on the package.  That’s your assurance that the product conforms to established safety standards.
  • Opt for a space heater that is right-sized for the room or area where you intend to use it.  If the heater is too small for the job, it will work harder than it should have to.  That, in turn, can lead to premature failure, overheating, and potentially even a fire.
  • Only those who understand all aspects of your space heater functions should be allowed to operate it.
  • While we don’t recommend purchasing a fuel-burning space heater, if that’s your model of choice, just be sure the area around it is properly vented to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Since most space heaters heat people and objects, and not space, never leave it on when going to bed or leaving the room for more than a minute or two.

In a perfect world, no one would need a space heater, except maybe to use in your garage while working on some project or to heat your car.  Short of that, the ideal situation is to leave home heating to your central system.  If you have one, but it’s not doing its job as well as it once did, we invite you to contact Furnace Doctors today.  We’ll fully inspect your heating system to find out where it’s lacking, and then recommend the best possible solution for your home, family, and budget.