During the winter months, your furnace is the most valuable piece of equipment in your home. It operates day and night to keep your home both warm and comfortable. Therefore, routine preventative maintenance is essential to ensure that your system operates to capacity when your family needs it the most.


Furnace Doctors offers comprehensive maintenance to keep your unit running efficiently while saving you money in the long run. To schedule maintenance, contact us today. Save money with our annual maintenance plan. Ongoing care for your furnace has several benefits. Let’s take a look at a few of them below.

Your Furnace Will Operate More Efficiently

A Furnace Doctors technician can clean, lubricate, and adjust your entire system. When your furnace system is in excellent condition, it will operate more efficiently. What this essentially means is that it will take less energy to produce the same amount of heat than a dirty, neglected furnace. The longer you wait to schedule maintenance, the higher your energy will be. Every penny counts.

Your Furnace Will Reach Its Life Expectancy

It is not uncommon to hear about furnaces that span 3 decades. The average furnace, however, should last you 15-20 years. What is the common denominator? Routine Maintenance. If you take care of your furnace, it should last its expected lifespan. By contrast, if you don’t take care of your furnace, you may get a good ten years out of it. After, that it may go downhill quickly.

Avoid Furnace Failure

The Minnesota winters are harsh. They also last for several months. There are times when you could be stuck at home due to ice storms, blizzards, and extremely low temperatures. If your furnace goes out, it could end in disaster for your family.


Furnace Doctors can identify potential problems that could cause your furnace to stop working. If your furnace fails several times, you could damage it permanently if you continue to try to use it. A total furnace replacement is not an ideal scenario during the cold season.

High Carbon Monoxide Levels

Carbon Monoxide is odorless. Therefore, your family may be unaware when CO2 levels are life-threatening. Carbon Monoxide occurs when the furnace does not completely burn the fuel out (combustion). CO2 can be harmful to your health.


Carbon Monoxide is a sure sign that your furnace is going downhill. If unchecked and not fixed, it won’t be long before the system fails. Correcting CO2 levels is a relatively simple task. The repair should be performed by a professional, however, to make sure that the repair is up to code.

What Does Furnace Maintenance Include?

When a Furnace Doctors technician inspects your system we look for the following issues and provide maintenance as needed:


●        Change the air or oil filter if necessary

●        Check the air ducts to see how dirty they are

●        Test / calibrate the thermostat

●        Look for any leaks anywhere in the system

●        Lubricate all the parts

●        Clean all parts as needed

●        Inspect the flue pipe and/or chimney

●        Test and adjust the burner

●        Clean the floor vents

Complete Furnace Maintenance From Furnace Doctors

It won’t be long before winter is here. Now is the time to schedule a furnace inspection and maintenance with Furnace Doctors. We also offer complete furnace repair and replacement. Don’t forget to ask about our annual plan!


To schedule service, call us today at 651-789-3082, or you message us on our contact page.