One of your cringe moments as a homeowner is finding out you need a new furnace. And while the news may be daunting, it can also be one of the smartest decisions you make. A new furnace may be a sizeable investment up front but can save you time, money, and a considerable headache down the road. A new furnace will also add exponential resale value to your home.


You may be wondering if you need a new furnace. Below are five warning signs that your old furnace is on the way out and a new furnace is on the way in.

1. Your Furnace is Older Than it Should Be

The average furnace is expected to last 15-20 years. Once it gets past its life expectancy, it will cost you more money to keep around than to get rid of it. A new ENERGY STAR provides more than 15% efficiency than older furnaces. You’ll benefit from improved performance and a more comfortable home.

2. Your Heating Bill is Out of Control

If you schedule routine maintenance and repairs, but you still notice your heating bill getting higher each month, it’s time to let go of the old furnace. Even with ongoing maintenance, your furnace will continue to perform poorly until it gradually costs you too much money to keep it. It is better to get a new furnace that will keep your heating bills low.


On a side note, insulating your home will help your heating bill somewhat. If your furnace is not working correctly, however, even an insulated home won’t reduce your bills.

3. You Can’t Seem to Repair Your Furnace

In addition to high bills, constant repairs will cost you more money than the furnace is worth. Think about it this way: The average annual maintenance on a furnace is around $100. The average annual cost for repairs is $260. The average cost of repairing an old furnace in poor shape can exceed $500 annually. The cost can quickly add up. If you add up the repair costs plus the high energy bills, It’s not worth it to hold on to your current model.

4. The Furnace is Too Loud

If your furnace is noisy, it may be suffering from multiple problems. The most common noises include rattling, popping, and banging. A furnace that is about to die will make these noises every time the system kicks on. One of the most common causes of a loud furnace is a noisy fan. The fan bearings may be worn out.


A delayed ignition could be causing the loud noise you hear when the furnace turns on. Delayed ignition is both irritating and hazardous. It’s a clear indication that you need to invest in a new furnace. The motor could be bouncing around as well. When the motor is bouncing, there is continuous noise that doesn’t stop. The motor is wearing down as the bearings wear out.

5. The House Never Seems to Get Comfortable

Have you noticed that some rooms in the house are freezing while other rooms are sweltering hot? This is a sign that your furnace is no longer distributing heat evenly through the house. At this point, it may be beyond repair. It also signifies that there are multiple problems with your furnace, thermostat, ductwork, and other possible issues.

Furnace Replacement in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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