Indoor air quality isn’t just about heating and cooling. If you’ve ever noticed dry skin and sinuses in the winter, you’ve dealt with the problem of too little humidity. On the other hand, too much humidity comes with its own set of problems.


At Furnace Doctors in Little Canada, our expertise is in solving indoor climate control problems including air quality due to too much or too little humidity. If you think the humidity may be off-balance in your home, check out the guide below and then call us for help with your home’s humidity.


Common Low Humidity Problems

Low humidity in your home can contribute to all kinds of problems. If you’ve ever found yourself constantly battling the trouble of static electricity in your hair and clothing, you probably have a low humidity issue. If your home’s air quality is chronically low on humidity, you and your family members may also wake up regularly with sore throats for no apparent reason.


Low humidity can also affect your skin, making it extremely dry or even cracked. Low humidity is especially common during the cold winter months when the air outside is much drier. Surprisingly, a lower humidity level will also add to the feeling that your home is cold, causing you to crank up the heat even more.


Common High Humidity Problems

High humidity is more likely to be visibly detectable than low humidity. Some of the most obvious indicators of high humidity are signs of condensation on the inside of your windows. This is due to water buildup inside your home.


There may also be wet stains on your walls or ceiling if the air is especially moist. But the clearest sign of a humidity problem is the growth of mildew or mold around your home. These living organisms thrive in a damp, warm environment and can cause all kinds of allergies and health problems. The can also damage your belongings and home.


Finding the Right Humidity Level

Just like Goldilocks, you need a humidity level that’s just right. The ideal humidity level falls somewhere between 35 and 45 percent. However, your home’s humidity level may vary significantly from that recommendation due to a number of factors.


That’s where our air quality control experts come in. We can measure the indoor humidity levels in your home and then install one of our humidity control systems to regulate your home to the perfect level of humidity at all times.


Our whole home humidity control system works well in all kinds of homes:

●        Large spaces

●        Open plans

●        Multi-level homes


Minnesota Air Quality Control Services

The humidity levels in your home are an important part of keeping your family healthy and comfortable year-round. Our professional indoor air quality testing experts can help you find out what your home’s humidity needs are and get your home on track for comfort no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.  At Furnace Doctors in Little Canada, your comfort is our business. To install your whole home humidity system or test your air quality, give our team a call at 651-789-3082, or contact us to learn more about our services.