You may not put much thought into your home’s air quality, but you may be thinking about issues related to air quality much more often than you think. If your family members are suffering from allergies, you may be all too familiar with air quality issues that come from living in a well-insulated home free of drafts. That’s because the flip side of living in a well-insulated home is that it traps allergens and other microbes, which are left to circulate in your home’s heating and cooling system.


At Furnace Doctors in Little Canada, we are experts in helping make it easy for your family to breathe free of allergens and contaminants. That’s why we offer HEPA filtration to help keep the air in your home free and clear of allergens and ease your family’s suffering from allergies.


Allergens in Your Home

When your family members are suffering from allergies or asthma, you’d try anything to help them feel better. But most people don’t realize that throwing allergy medicine at the problem is only a temporary solution.


You might be surprised to learn how many allergens and contaminants are in your home at any given time. Every time your front door opens, allergens are wafted indoors where they stay, getting trapped in your home’s heating and air conditioning system to be circulated continuously.


Here are a few of the most common allergens in most homes:

●        Trees

●        Pollen

●        Pet dander

●        Dust mites

●        Cockroaches

●        Mold spores


Clearing the Air in Your Home

When it comes to combating allergens for your family, the best approach is to purify the air, ridding your home of unhealthy contaminants. We offer integrated filtration systems to remove particles from the air in your home with advanced filtration. This cleans your home’s air so your family can breathe easy.


A High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is capable of filtering out 99.97 percent of the particles in your air using ultra-fine glass particles to capture microscopic contaminants. This means particulates of up to .03 microns will be filtered out of your home air system so your family is healthier year-round.


Minnesota Air Quality Control Services

If your family has been suffering from allergies or asthma, beat the problem once and for all by cleaning out the air in your home. Our professional indoor air quality testing experts can test the air in your home and recommend the right filtration system.


Once we’ve installed it, you’ll enjoy fresher air and relief from allergies. At Furnace Doctors in Little Canada, we understand how important your family’s health is to you. To check your home’s air quality, give our team a call at 651-789-3082, or contact us to learn more about how we can help.