You expect a lot from your heating system, which is to say you expect a lot from the people who built, installed, maintain, and repair it.  After all, your heating system is only as good as the people whose hands have touched it.  Yours included.

That’s right: a well-functioning home heating system has as much to do as with anyone else.  Here are just a few of the ways you can help it perform better, more energy efficiently, and with fewer repair problems to darken up your day:

Clean or Replace the Filter

For best results, your furnace filter should be cleaned or replaced every 60 days.  If, in the process, you note there’s not a speck of dirt on it, then yours can apparently go longer than 60 days in between regular maintenance.  But you won’t know until you start somewhere.

Give it a Fighting Chance

As a mechanical system, your furnace faces a limited future to begin with.  But you can keep it going longer by doing a few little things, such as:

  • Keeping all vents and registers unblocked so as not to restrict airflow
  • Consider adding one more additional zones and replacing all outdated thermostats with programmable thermostats. By taking some of the strain off your furnace, you’ll reduce wear and tear and start seeing lower utility bills.
  • Let the sunshine in by opening window treatments during the day, and then closing them back up at night to retain the added heat you’ve gained.
  • See if window caulking, weather-stripping around doors, and attic insulation need to be beefed up or replaced.

Add a Ceiling Fan or Two

Ceiling fans are much more than nice decorative touches.  By running yours during the winter, heat the rises to the ceiling will be pushed back down into your living space.  That in turn will allow you to feel as comfortable as you like at a lower temperature setting.

How Dry Are You?

Forced air heat is known to sap the moisture out of your indoors.  That, in turn, can lead to all sorts of problems, including dry skin, static electrical shock, worsening upper respiratory conditions, and more.  To prevent all that, contact Furnace Doctors about reinforcing your furnace with a whole-house humidifier.  That way, you can enjoy just the right amount of indoor humidity all winter long.  You’ll also pay less to heat your home, and that means a longer-lasting furnace, too. Furnace Doctors, your local resource for superior home heating and indoor air quality services.