As a Minnesota homeowner, you know all too well the importance of making sure your furnace is ready to go when the mercury drops. There’s really not much worse than coming home on a frozen day and finding out your heater is on the fritz. But did you know most furnace problems are preventable? With a regular tune-up, you can keep your heating system running right as rain when you need to fire up the furnace and get your home toasty warm.


At Furnace Doctors in Little Canada, we offer regular maintenance plans for your heater to make sure you never have a catastrophe with your furnace. Here are a few good indicators it’s time for a tune-up in your furnace.


1.      You’ve Recently Moved.

If you’ve recently moved into a home with an existing furnace, getting it checked out is an absolute necessity. We can take a look at the heating system in your home and make sure everything working safely and efficiently.


2.      It’s Been a While Since You Fired Up the Furnace.

If you’ve been out of state for a few months or away from your home, it’s a good idea to make sure everything is working order. Our furnace repair experts can assess your system and make sure there are no problems with your ignition or concerns about carbon monoxide.


3.      It’s Been a Year Since Your Last Maintenance Check.

Think of your annual HVAC system maintenance the same way you would a regular physical exam or dental check-up. It’s important preventive care for your system before a problem occurs rather than damage control when one does. Annual checkups will extend your system’s lifespan and improve its overall efficiency.


What a Maintenance Check Includes

When we come to check your system, we perform a thorough inspection of your entire heating and air conditioning system.


Here are a few things we inspect:

●        Heat exchanger and

●        Burner flame and burners

●        Carbon monoxide levels

●        Airflow and temperature rise

●        Gas pressure

●        Electrical connections


Minnesota Furnace Repair Services

Don’t wait until there’s a problem with your furnace to get it looked at. At Furnace Doctors in Little Canada, we offer complete checkups to make sure your system is working at its top performance level before there’s a problem.


We also offer annual maintenance plans so you can get a reminder every time you’re due for a new checkup. With regular furnace maintenance, you’ll see lower utility bills each month and spend less on repairs in the long run. To sign up for our Comfort Keepers plan or schedule your tune-up, call our furnace maintenance team at 651-789-3082, or contact us to find out more.