Here in Minnesota, we all know the value of a furnace when the winter chill starts to bite. But as important as our furnaces are, it’s easy to take them for granted. That is, until a problem arises. Maybe that’s why so many myths arise about furnaces and furnace repair.


At Furnace Doctors in Little Canada, we’re experts in furnace repair and maintenance. We’ve drawn on our expertise to debunk some of the biggest furnace myths.


1.      Cold Spots are Nothing to Worry About.

False. Do you have cold floors in the winter? Do you find yourself putting on extra layers of socks even though the rest of your body is perfectly comfortable? It’s surprising just how many people grow accustomed to cold spots throughout their homes. But if you do have cold spots in your home, it may be a sign your heater isn’t doing its job. Servicing your heater may help tremendously.


2.      Turning the Furnace Higher Will Warm the House Faster.

False. It’s tempting on a cold day to crank up the thermostat all the way. But the temperature the furnace is set to only determines the duration the heater will fire. The bottom line is there’s just no way to make the house warm up faster by turning up the heat. If you feel like your furnace is taking to long to warm up, it might be time to have the professionals take a look.


3.      Closing the Vents Will Save on Heating Bills.

False. This is one of the most persistent furnace myths. Homeowners make the common error of thinking that closing off heat to a room that isn’t being used will help lower their energy bills. But the truth is that the same amount of heat is still going to blow regardless. When that heat can’t be evenly distributed throughout the system, it can work the system a little harder, but it definitely won’t lower your bills.


4.      Regular Inspections Aren’t Necessary.

False. If you’ve got an expensive heating system, you might erroneously believe that you don’t need regular inspections. After all, you’ve got a great system, and it’s under warranty. But regular inspections can add to your furnace’s longevity. Besides, there’s nothing worse than having your furnace unexpectedly go on the fritz when it’s bitterly cold outside.


Minnesota Furnace Repair Services

Whether you’re a thermostat cranker, or you’re the conservative family member who doesn’t like the dial to change more than a degree, it’s important to keep your furnace in shape. That’s why we offer annual maintenance plans. With these plans, we’ll give you a reminder every time your furnace needs checking. To get connected with our team and learn more about our Comfort Keepers membership, call our furnace repair professionals at 651-789-3082, or contact us to learn more.