Indoor Air Quality

In Home Air Quality Services in the Twin Cities Area

Today’s modern home is well insulated and sealed up tight. Furnace Doctors knows the effect this has on indoor air quality in the Twin Cities area. Indoor air quality is lower than outdoor air because of pollutants in the air. It is important for you and your family’s health to monitor and correct indoor air quality issues. The experts at Furnace Doctors know all the factors that affect your air quality and can propose solutions to fit your family’s needs.

Air Filtration

air filtration systems Minneapolis, MinnesotaNormal heating and air conditioning filters simply filter out large particles in the air to help your system in your home function optimally. An integrated filtration system will remove particulates from the air using advanced filtration to help clean the air and keep your family healthy. Our experts can assess your home and provide recommendations on air filtration systems that suit your needs and your budget.

Air Purification

Air quality in your home is important to your family and your health. Things like mold, bacteria, dust mites, and viruses are in the air of your indoor space, reducing your air quality and making your family ill. You can improve your air quality in your home with our professionally installed air purification system.


Humidity Control

Air quality in your home is about balance. If your home is too moist, problems occur. If your home is too dry, problems also occur. Let the experts at Furnace Doctors find the balance for your air quality in your Minneapolis home.

Duct Cleaning

Like everything in your home, you should clean your ducts periodically to remove buildup of dust and particulates. Our sister company, Dust Doctors, has the highest quality, largest duct cleaning system in the entire state.  



In Home Air Quality Services in the Twin Cities Area.


Whether you are trying to control allergens in your home or just wanting to get a better night’s sleep, Furnace Doctors can recommend solutions to improve your home’s air quality. We are experts in the field of air quality control in the Minneapolis area. Trust our experience to keep your family breathing easy in your home. For more information on improving your indoor air quality, give us a call at 651-789-3082, or you can message us on our contact page.

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