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Ceiling Fans Provide Added Year-Round Comfort

Unless your heating and cooling systems are under 5 years old and/or faithfully maintained, you’re paying too much to heat and cool your home.  And while there are umpteen ways to reduce those costs, adding one or more ceiling fans into the mix is in a league of its own, solution wise.

Depending on which direction your fans are spinning, a good fan can make your room feel up to eight degrees warmer or cooler, with “feel” being the operative room.  Because if you can feel like it’s 70 degrees indoors on a hot summer’s day when, in reality, you have the thermostat set at 78, your energy bill is being chopped down considerably.

blogIn fact, for every degree you raise or lower your thermostat – again, depending on the time of year – you can expect to save up to 3% on your electricity bill. Here’s another nice thing about ceiling fans:  depending on where they’re located, you might be able to turn the AC off in the summer and sleep soundly as can be with just the fan running after having cooled down your home during the evening hours.  Plus, the right fan will lend a welcome decorative touch to your home’s interior.

So that’s it, just install a couple of ceiling fans and you’ll never have to worry about high heating and cooling costs again?  Sorry, folks, but not even close.  The most important energy-saving step you can take is to have your furnace and AC system professionally cleaned and inspected once a year by Furnace Doctors, your local heating and cooling professionals.  In additional to reduced energy costs, you’ll enjoy improved system performance, fewer and less costly repairs, added safety, and longer system lifespans.

Has it been a year or longer since your furnace or AC system was last inspected?  If so, contact Furnace Doctors today to schedule service.

Ceiling Fans Provide Added Year-Round Comfort