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The Benefits of an AC Cleaning & Inspection.

Keeping your central AC system at peak operating efficiency is no more difficult than remembering to have the oil changed in your car every 5,000 miles or so.  As in, if you care enough about your investment, the “remembering” comes easy.

At Furnace Doctors, we’re all about helping you obtain maximum value from your home heating and air conditioning systems.  That’s why we stress the importance of annual cleaning and inspections – one per year per system.  In fact, we think it’s the most valuable service we offer.  Once you see all you have to gain for one small fee, we’re confident you’ll agree:

  • Fewer if any repairs
  • Improved operating performance
  • Longer system lifespan
  • Lower utility costs
  • Cleaner air
  • Greater personal safety

How exactly does our annual cleaning and maintenance service impact your family’s safety? Consider the following:blog

  • By tightening all electrical connections, we help reduce the risk of a home electrical fire
  • By cleaning your various system components we can remove any built-up mold and mildew which, if left unchecked, could eventually work their way into your duct work, living spaces and, eventually, your lungs

If you’re keen on reducing energy consumption and costs, here are a few more ways to achieve that goal:

  • Make sure vents are clear of furniture, rugs, and other obstacles to improve airflow which in turn has an impact on energy efficiency.
  • Apply caulking around windows and weather-stripping around doors that don’t close tightly and/or might be leaking air outdoors.
  • Save up to $70 a year by replacing just five frequently used light bulbs with ENERGY STAR certified bulbs.
  • Unplug any battery chargers or power adapters when not in use.
  • On super hot days, turn up the thermostat by two degrees and use your ceiling fan to lower air conditioning costs by up to 14%.

There’s a lot to be gained from an annual AC system cleaning and inspection from Furnace Doctors.  So if it’s been a year or longer since that last time you had service, why not contact us today.

The Benefits of an AC Cleaning & Inspection.
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