Too much humidity can create and promote the growth and flourishing of bacteria, mold, various fungi, and dust mites. On the other hand, air that’s too dry can cause its own share of problems, like making you more vulnerable to harmful viruses and respiratory ailments.

So what’s the answer? There has to be a balance. The installation of a whole-house humidity control system enables you to maintain proper levels of relative humidity while enhancing the quality of your indoor air. Furnace Doctors is here to help you find and install the best whole-house humidifier for your home!


If your central air conditioner is older, it’s likely less efficient than it was in its prime and less effective at removing humidity while cooling your home. By contrast, a forced-air furnace can cause dry indoor air, resulting in problems like allergies, bloody noses, dry skin, itchy eyes, and static electric shock. All of these issues can be rectified with a whole-house humidifier installed directly to your heating and cooling system.

If you’re interested in a humidity control system, you can count on Furnace Doctors to properly size and install it. Once installation is complete, you’ll be able to set and adjust your home’s humidity level at will for added comfort, cleaner indoor air, and lower utility bills. For expert humidity control assistance, contact Furnace Doctors today!


The recommended relative humidity level for a home is between 35% and 45%. This provides just the right amount of moisture without the air becoming too wet, which could cause damage to your home. Several signs may indicate your home’s humidity levels are off.

  • Condensation on Windows: When water collects on your windows and forms condensation, you may be dealing with an excessive amount of humidity in your home. You should consider installing a whole-house humidifier to control the moisture in your home.
  • Stuffy Air Quality: When there’s too much moisture in the air, your home may start to feel stuffy and uncomfortable. High humidity can make breathing difficult, negatively impacting your home’s environment. To improve your home’s air quality, you should add a humidifier to the house.
  • Mold Growth: If left untreated, high humidity can lead to mold growth inside your home. Mold can put your family members at risk of asthma attacks and other health-related issues. Contact Furnace Doctors immediately if you notice any mold growth in your home.

Furnace Doctors can measure your home’s humidity levels to determine whether there’s a need for a new system. Our whole-house humidifier installers are experienced and qualified in helping you choose the right system to enhance your home’s air quality. We’ll work diligently to ensure you get the air purification system you need to keep your home safe and comfortable.

To learn more about your humidity control options and obtain a free quote from our air quality experts, contact us online, or call us now at 651-789-3082.