The Respicaire NPI QUAD-PRO™ Ion Plasma Air Treatment System is an air enhancement device that releases active ions into the air stream to treat your indoor air.

Its’ unique “Venturi Emission” system optimizes the output of positive and negative ions to help cluster airborne particulates, microbes & other pollutants.

The QUAD-PRO™ uses bi-polar ionization to improve indoor air filtration as the air recirculates around the home. These systems are designed to be installed inside your central heating & cooling system so the ions can treat your air around the clock. The active ions also help control the buildup of contaminants on your evaporative coils.


Affordable & Effective Air Treatment Solution

 No replacement parts are required

4 Venturi Posts featuer – Performance without Clogging

4 Posts provide High output of negative and positive Ions – 800 Millions Ions per device

The Bi-Polar Ionization aids the evaporative coil & helps prevent growth of biofilm

Helps treat some household odors as air recirculates through central HVAC systems


There are several benefits to adding UV light air sterilization to your HVAC system, such as preventing mold and bacteria growth. Both of these particles can cause allergies to flare up and put your health at risk.

UV lights provide a natural and chemical-free method for maintaining clean, high-quality indoor air. UV light installation is also generally fast and hassle-free, making our technicians’ visit quick and painless! Let’s get started on improving your home’s air quality!

Highly Effective at Purifying Indoor Air & Surfaces

The OXY 4™ is an Active Ionic Photo-Catalytic Air Purifier utilizing Ultra Violet light & advanced catalytic reactions to create ionically charged airborne air cleansers.

The OXY 4™ whole home air purifier, with Technology originally developed by NASA, utilizes broad spectrum Ultra Violet light & Advanced Titanium Catalytic Cartridges.

These photocatalytic processes produce highly effective oxidative air cleansers that freely circulate throughout your home. They help reduce or eliminate molds, Virus, bacteria, mold spores, odors and common household VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds) that offgas from unatural materials.

This means that airborne microbial including unwanted odors and gases are unable to escape the oxidative cleansing action of the OXY 4™ Air Purifier.